Specialized Semi-Tractor Repair & Maintenance Services

Specialized Semi-Tractor Repair & Maintenance Services

Turn to Xpress Body Repair in El Paso, TX

Xpress Body Repair offers all the same services for semi-tractors that we offer for regular cars and trucks. That includes collision repairs, general repairs and routine maintenance.

Don’t waste any more time searching for an auto body repair shop equipped to handle the unique requirements of semi-tractors. Our shop is equipped to handle these specialized services, complete with a spray booth built to accommodate semi-tractors. We’ll perform repairs on the trucks and also on trailers. We have the equipment, the experience and the facilities to handle all of your semi-tractor repair and maintenance needs.

To schedule an appointment with Xpress Body Repair for your semi-tractor in need of repairs or routine maintenance, get in touch with our professional technicians in El Paso, TX today.